The Vision

In keeping with the themes of this story of the woman meeting Jesus at the well, the narrowboat “Jessica” is a place of rest and refreshment, of meeting and conversation. It is a place where people can come to slow down and take a break in their busy lives, where we can meet to study the Bible and listen to what God is saying to us today, where we can meet other people who have different views from us, and stretch our understanding.I see it also as a place of enjoyment and hospitality.


About The Skipper

I use my narrowboat to offer a place for rest and refreshment, conversation and encounter. I am a Franciscan Tertiary (Anglaican) and a spiritual director. I have been married to Michael for over 45 years. We have two grown up sons and grandchildren of all ages.
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1 Response to The Vision

  1. Avril Pauline says:

    An inviting, green and gentle photograph. I think Jesus must enjoy Himself with His friends a lot on Jessica. Maybe the whole environment is conducive to differing fruitfully.
    With love ..x

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