Trying to say thank you

I have sometimes thought that the worst thing about being an atheist would be not having anyone to say thank you to for all the joy of a sunny day, of fun with the grandchildren, of managing to use a power drill for the first time.
Today I glimpsed that frustration. For weeks I had been sending the BBC feed-back on their new web-page design. I commended them on the option of getting local weather forecasts when you put in your location. But the programme information remained BBC London. My comments showed a gradually declining estimation of the value of the site, plus an increasing move towards Scottish nationalism. Finally, this morning, I find that I am now given the BBC1 Scotland schedule! So after so much complaining I need to tell them how well they have done.
But that feedback form has disappeared. So I try ‘contact the BBC’. No, they do not really want anything but complaints. They offer FAQs. None suggest how to say thank you. So I type in:
How do I say thank you?
Answer: Sorry, we could not find entries that matched your search. You may want to broaden your search…
All the same: Thank you, God, for the BBC!

About The Skipper

I use my narrowboat to offer a place for rest and refreshment, conversation and encounter. I am a Franciscan Tertiary (Anglaican) and a spiritual director. I have been married to Michael for over 45 years. We have two grown up sons and grandchildren of all ages.
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